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My name is Shen Zhou I am creator of Gaiacoin and founder of Gaiacoin.com and Gaiacoinexchange.com.

It is disappointing and frustrating to learn that most governments on the earth have failed to tackle environmental problems. Despite fast pace growing of green technologies and green industry, business models of green industry mainly depends on government subsidy. Here I propose a new alternative to tackle the earth's environmental challenges. The answer is Gaiacoin, it is a unique kind of digital currency. It is sold initially at Gaiacoin.com at universal accessible price. the Gaiacoins can be traded at Gaiacoinexchange.com.

The uniqueness of Gaiacoin is that all profits sold at Gaiacoin.com will be invested in wide varieties of environmental friendly projects. Unlike donations to non-profit green NGOs, Buyers of Gaiacoins will benefit from free trading and speculating of Gaiacoins at www.gaiacoin.com.

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