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What is Gaiacoin Clock

Gaiacoin clock shows how many Gaiacoins are left on this site.

There are 7,176,023,055 Gaiacoins in total and this number is diminishing at 2.449 Gaiacoins per second. The number is also entire human population estimated in mid-year 2014. (http://www.census.gov/population/international/data/worldpop/table_population.php ). It is well known that all environmental issues are intentionally and unintentionally caused by humankind, each human has its role as perpetrator on environmental issues today.  Growing human population is the most potent factor of stressing the earth’s environment. Choosing global human population as total number of Gaiacoin is proportional representation of fundamental cause and scale of environmental issues. It is also founder’s appeal to encourage every individual on the earth to possess a Gaiacoin.

Human population is growing at about 2.499 people per second. As more people will deplete more natural resources, hence cause more environmental issues. Thus founder decided to reduce total Gaiacoin numbers at 2.449 Gaiacoins per second. The reduction rate is proportional numerical representation of worsening environment caused by growing human population. (No intension to reduce human population by genocide, in the contrary we should utilize advantages of human population and work cooperatively to face global environmental challenges by promoting Gaiacoin.)

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