Gaiacoin green project proposal

Gaiacoin is interested in all green projects. The purpose of Gaiacoin green project is to achieve both goals in do good to environment and make profits. Today we are going to share one example of such project proposal.

Today’s example is about bio-diesel, it is product of CO2 fixation hence it is good for the environment. Algae grown bio-diesel is currently the most efficient way to produce bio-diesel, algae can double its mass within 24 hours.

Gaiacoin believes release CO2 back to atmosphere by burning bio-diesel is not the best interest of environment. Therefore Gaiacoin will not burn bio-diesel as fuel instead use bio-diesel as futures. Gaiacoin will trade bio-diesel futures in energy market and between trades we can make profits and meanwhile store bio-diesel indefinitely. By doing so Gaiacoin could achieve both goals of doing good to environment and making profit at the same time.


Above is just one proposal for Gaiacoin green projects. Following the bio-diesel example, Gaiacoin could use bio-diesel as collateral to ask bank for a loan and use the money to purchase more bio-diesels and repeat. In this proposal Gaiacoin is able to use small amount of money to maximize its impact on the environment.


Gaiacoin would like to hear more idea from you and discuss it to perfect the proposal for the Gaiacoin green projects.


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